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Who’s Bluffing ?® – The Story

Have you played Who’s Bluffing?®yet? There’s no doubt that it’s an entertaining and fun card game for all the family. Part of the appeal of this particular game is that you can play it at all different levels – so while the children may play for laughs, adults can play for money or drinks!

It’s easy to see why this is a popular card game to play, but did you know that there’s also a pretty interesting history of how the game came to be and how the fantastic Stephanie started all this? Well if you’re interested, you’re in luck, because we’re going to go back nearly two years to the creation of Who’s Bluffing?®.

The Start of a Legend

Our story began, as we mentioned, nearly two years ago. Stephanie was an ambitious woman, being mentored at Chelsea Football Club in London. One day, there was a task given to everyone in the room – pick up something from the table and make a game out of it. For Stephanie, this was the crucial moment, because she picked up a deck of football cards.

Her game was all about matching up players to the dominant teams in the league. This style of association and bluffing (sound familiar?) formed the basis for Who’s Bluffing?®, although no one was to know it yet. 

To this day, Stephanie isn’t sure what flash of inspiration struck her. Perhaps it was the traditional games like Cheat she’d grown up playing mixed with a random spark of genius that so often dances tantalisingly out of reach of our comprehension. Whatever the cause, she had the idea to create a new card game – something that borrowed from traditional games which we’d all grown up hearing about and playing – like solitaire, Uno, blackjack, or cheat – but bought something unique and modern to the table. That was how Who’s Bluffing?® was born.

A Long but Worthwhile Journey

Of course, from this initial conception of an idea, there was a long and sometimes difficult journey. Stephanie had the vision, she had the determination, but there were complications. Her initial plan to use footballers and teams in her game proved to be expensive and tedious, as she would have been forced to pay the footballers she used. However, Stephanie was not deterred by this, so she shifted her focus to cities and towns, but planned to implement many more variations of the family card game. At the same time, she sought advice from the giants of the industry, and this was Asmodee. They were exceptionally kind professionals who provided the most crucial advice to the branding of Who’s Bluffing?®.

The core principle of getting rid of all your cards as fast as possible through legitimate links and connections or bluffing remained, but there were many different alterations and updates to the design, logo, image, searching for the ideal choice. Stephanie found herself travelling to manufacturers in China, searching for affordable yet ethically acceptable working conditions.

Being a startup meant that there was a need for tenacity and smart choices, but there’s no doubt that the final product was worth the struggles. Who’s Bluffing?® has evolved into a Good Toy Guide approved game and plans to debut on shelves in 2019

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